Small Clear Door Knob Bumpers (Set of 12) - Made in USA - Self-Adhesive Door Stoppers - Furniture Pads

Price: $16.00

Premium Quality Small Door Knob Bumpers by GorillaGrit Hardware!

Protect Your Walls from Damage Caused by Door Knobs and Handles

Great way to keep door handles from banging into the walls. Simply place the adhesive bumper on the wall surface where the handle hits the wall. Small clear bumpers are not too noticeble and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.

These bumpers can also be used with cabinet doors, under furniture feet, small appliances, music equipment, soundboards, amplifiers, under speakers and subwoofers.

* Strong Adhesive

* Easy Peel-Off Application, Non-Staining, Non-Skidding

* Strong Abrasion Resistance, Vibration and Shock Dampening

* Made of 100% Molded Polyurethane

* Manufactured in the USA

Features :

  • Set of 12 Self-adhesive Small Rubber Door Bumpers; Color: Clear or Transparent
  • Stick the bumpers on a wall to protect it from damage caused by doorknob, door handle slamming.
  • Strong adhesive and easy peel-off installation. Soft Pads dampen noise by absorbing shock and providing cushion.
  • Can also be used with refrigerator door, cabinets, as rubber feet for furniture, speakers, subwoofers, stereo, appliances and other electronics
  • Made in the USA. Doorstops measure 0.88 inches (22mm) in Diameter X 0.40 inches (10mm) in Height

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