maQma Pet Odor-Eliminator and Moisture-Absorber Bags – Activated Bamboo-Charcoal Air Fresheners Naturally Purify The Air – Fragrance - Charcoal Air Purifiers

Price: $17.99

    If you're tired of your family's sweaty shoes or smelly pets, maQma odor eliminators purify the air
    naturally so you can breathe better. Click ADD TO CART now to grab a bag of freshness today.


    From helping to clear cigarette smoke, to reducing airborne allergens our air purifying bags come
    in 5 different sizes so you can choose which is right for you. Here's are six ideas we bet you
    haven't thought of...

    1. Easy Recharge - just leave out in sunlight once a month
    2. Versatile - use in a car, bathroom, by damp walls, pet areas & closets
    3. Cleans Water - a lump of charcoal in a vase helps the water to stay clean
    4. Improves Soil Quality - after 2-years of use sprinkle it around your garden
    5. Keeps Your Tools Bright pop a small bag in your tool box to reduce moisture
    6. Beats Winter Blues add a little charcoal to rock salt & sand to soak up excess moisture to
      reduce freezing and clumping together
    7. Improve Your Compost - charcoal is biodegradable & enriches the carbon content of your
      compost (if it smells of ammonia, it needs carbon)


    Yes, they will. They're a great moisture absorber and help reduce mold spores. They're an ideal
    pet odor eliminator for dirty trays or smelly wet dogs!


    Some bamboo charcoal air fresheners smell of burnt charcoal however maQma bags are fragrance-
    free to ensure your home smells better.

    Relax, you're covered by our 100% Money Back Deep-Breaths Guarantee, no questions asked.
    Click Add to Cart now to grab a bag of freshness today.

    Features :

    • ✔ BREATHE BETTER... maQma air purifying bags help clean a room of allergens, odors, mold, & moisture
    • ✔ FRAGRANCE-FREE... many odor eliminators can make a room smell of burnt charcoal ours won't
    • ✔ TOXIN FREE & REMOVES TOXINS... bamboo charcoal fresheners help clear harmful chemicals from the air
    • ✔ SAFE TO USE... absorb moisture or freshen a room; safer than lit candles or chemical sprays
    • ✔ 5 SIZES ... 1000, 800, 500, 200 & 75g bags; shoes fresheners to pet odor eliminators; strong Burlap

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