Joyway Air Stucco Cement Texture Hopper Sprayer Plaster Wall Plastering Tool House Paint 4 Jets - Paint Sprayers

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Pneumatic plastering machine (mini aggregate) for spraying traditional, cement, lime, machine, perlite plasters and for readymade mortars, glues for placing nets on the styrofoam. This equipment enables easier plastering of walls, ceilings inside and outside the buildings, and what is more.The equipment is easy to maintain, it is also water, lime and sand resistant. Pneumatic plastering machine is made of aluminium, stainless steel, brass . Plastering machine is easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance.

The whole set includes: snout, and drilled plates thanks to which the technique and type of mortar spraying can be adjusted.

Operating Instructions: Connect to the compressor with the hose included in the set. Set the pressure on the regulator and easily spray mortar on the prepared surfaces.

Size : 76 x 18 x 18 cm
Air Inlet: 3/8" hose or 1/2" male
Working Pressure: 6 bar
Suggested Air Compressor : 3 HP
Suggested Air Compressor Exhaust Volume: 0.6M/Min
Fitment: Cooperate with air compressor or air pump

Package include:
1 x Sprayer Gun Tool

Features :

  • There is a hex nut fitting which can hold the handle & the bucket.
  • Four spraying holes,need to use with an air compressor
  • Handle on hopper for better control and ease of use
  • Fast and easy application of stucco, mortar and plaster
  • Pneumatically applied mixes offer a better water/cement ratio for a higher quality finished product

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