Door Draft Stopper Door Sweep for Exterior/Interior Doors, Door Seal Strip Under Door Draft - Draft Stoppers

Price: $35.99

There are always gaps between the door and the floor. The rain, wind, leaves, snow, and animals can blow in your home easily by the gap. The door seal is a great addition to close the gap between the door and a sloping driveway or uneven floor.

From an energy efficiency perspective, door seals are aiming to do two things:
1.Seal the door (minimize unwanted air leakage and ingress of bad weather)
2.Improve the door's insulation value (cold air can't get out from the room as well as the hot air can't easily get out of the room.)

From a comfortable living environment perspective, under door draft stopper can also do:
1.Seal will keep the bugs and snakes out. Prevent from sneaking under door and chewing through food.
2. Windproof & Waterproof. It helps further from drafts & excess sand coming in. This seal will prevent leaves, dirt, water, and snow from blowing under your door.
3.Soundproof. It reduces the noise level from outside, and vice versa. Get a quiet & private space when you tell your phone conversations or stay alone.

Easy and Quick to Install
1. It sticks to the door easily, and is super easy to trim to size. Just peel and stick. Until pressed into place permanently, it's easy to pull off to make corrections(Just make sure to clean the surface before applying!)
2.Stay in place well as you open and close the door. BUT please remember not to open the door constantly within 24 hours after installation.
3. It is suitable for all standard doors & any room décor. The seal works with all types of doors, including exterior doors, interior doors, garage doors, roll-up doors, hinged wooden doors, and walk-through doors.

Lifetime Warranty
It offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects to the original purchaser in a residential application.

Features :

  • 🔔【Stop Energy-wasting Air Leak】 The under door seal is made of 3 layers high-quality silicone and 1 mm thicken waterproof adhesive backing, which can minimize unwanted air leakage and ingress of bad weather. Help reduce heating costs.
  • 🔔【Keep out Cold Wind & Dirt & Insects】 Blocks out rain, dirt, wind, leaves, snow, animals and noise from beneath your door. Keep your home looking neat and clean.
  • 🔔【Installation Tips】 Measure the door, trim the product to length with a scissor. Key is to clean the area first before you paste the rubber seal. Please remember not to open and close the door too frequent within 24 hours after installation.
  • 🔔【Fit Almost Interior/Exterior Doors】 The door seal insulation is 2" Width x 39" Length. Fit almost interior/exterior doors, including bedroom doors, kitchen doors, guard doors, bathroom doors, and garage doors.
  • 🔔【Your 100% Satisfaction is Our Top Concern!】 It offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects to the original purchaser. Please kindly rest assured that our company provides free of charge replacement and refund service.

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